Monday, 15 July 2013

Rewiring a House

Rewiring your House – Rewiring Information

Why do I need to rewire my house?

Rewiring your house is a costly maintenance job and many people say to themselves upon hearing the price “well I’ll just leave it then and risk it” but what are they risking? Having faulty or outdated wiring in your house can cause massive problems including loss of life and loss of property. But why does this happen? Well faulty or outdated wiring cause sparks when high voltage is run through the wires which can cause fire or electrocution. The reason the wiring can’t cope with this high voltage is due to the fact they where not designed to keep up with today’s electricity use. Wires from the 60s aren’t designed to power computers and massive TVs and all the gadgets we have today.

Everyone says they cannot give me a price without visiting the site how do I know if they’re being honest?

The best way to make sure the tradesmen and electricians who come out are honest is to check they have an electrical certificate and public liability insurance as this will show they are qualified tradesmen. Second you should get multiple quotes so you can see who is trying to make a quick buck and who is trying to extort you and then use the realistic, reputable quotes when getting your house rewired.

Will my house & decor be wrecked after my house is rewired?

Any tradesman who tells you that nothing will change and your house will look the exact same after they have finished rewiring is not being entirely honest with you. However do not despair if you choose a reputable electrician who knows what he’s doing, with minimal work your house can be back to the way it was

However if you are interested in rewiring your house yourself or want more DIY tips then check out this home improvement blog!